Digital Marketing Production Services
We are a digital marketing production company covering all areas of this dynamic industry. We can design and build a website for you, we can put your creative ideas to life in the form of animated Flash ads or advanced Flash applications and we can supply any type of mobile application you may have ever though of. Speed, flexibility, economical pricing - you can rely on us, like many major clients do.

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Many years of cooperation with leading agencies and major clients have taught us all about developing good looking, easy-to-use, professional websites. We have built hundreds of them for our partners. We can develop in WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine or any other CMS or framework you may need. We also have our own flexible CMS, to minimize cost while achieving the best results.

Mobile Phone Network Operator Website
Well structured website with sophisticated support service for both clients and prospects, including full e-commerce support.
  • Clean structure
  • Responsive design
  • Sophisticated client support
  • Interactive timed pop-up window
  • Advanced search feature
  • Custom integrated e-shop
  • B2F CMS

Architecture Studio Website
Our task was to create a website helping the Atelier Vltava team promote their ideas and expand their business.
  • Responsive website with a masonry layout
  • Hi-res imagery
  • Multi-lingual
  • B2F CMS

Travel Agency Website specializes in custom-tailored trips to all over the world, car rentals and visa services. We have built a website to showcase their products and services, linked to a sophisticated IS supporting all agency's business processes and allowing to manage the website content with ease.
  • B2F CMS
  • Advanced IS to support business cases, invoicing, reporting, CRM
  • Custom direct mailing tool
  • Sleek design with rich imagery
  • SOAP services

Pearl Jewellery E-shop
To provide LEOLA's clients with an elegant and easy-to-use way of purchasing pearl jewellery, we have set up this e-shop, featuring both products and detailed information on pearls.
  • E-shop for online ordering
  • Billing
  • Payment gateway
  • Multi-lingual
  • B2F CMS

Virgin Islands News Online

News Portal
VINO is a leading BVI news website, with 10,000 visitors per day.
  • Hi-traffic website with tens of thousands of articles
  • Search
  • Commenting system
  • Advanced caching
  • B2F CMS

Industrial Property Website
The purpose of this website is to provide valuable information and drive leads, helping CBRE expand their industrial business in the Czech Republic.
  • Comprehensive warehouse database
  • Flash map to pick up locations
  • Google maps API integration
  • Search
  • PDF reports generation
  • B2F CMS

Flash and HTML5 Ads

Creativity, attention to detail and speed is what matters when delivering display ads. Often with very short deadlines, we deliver creative with complex animation and minimum file sizes. We can work with both Flash and HTML5 and have extensive knowledge of Google's Double Click Studio, a popular tool used to build and serve rich media creative.


Streetwear Shop


Skoda Adverts

Farming Machines


Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

They are so popular these days and everybody wants them! And yes, we have in-house developers for both platforms, allowing us to produce quality apps in native code for reasonable prices.


Application accompanying the popular music festival Majales 2015, held in three cities across the country, with 30,000 visitors
Our task was to create an application for both iOS and Android devices, where the festival attendees are able to view information on the festival lineup, stages and additional details. Further to this, the visitors can manage their own list of shows they want to enjoy. Offline operation and automatic updates were critical, since the availabity of mobile operators was poor in a crowd of 30,000 people.
  • Catchy and easy-to-use design
  • Fast and clear access to key information on the prgramme
  • Offline availability
  • Automatic data updates

Open Game

Application displays information about the teams participating in a floorball tournament Open Game 2015
Application allows users to gain a quick view of multiple chosen teams and get an overview of the current position in the tables, see the schedule of the team, including the results, Canadian scoring of all players and much more.
  • Advanced caching
  • Multiple teams
  • Automatic data update with offline availability

Patient`s diary

The purpose of this application is to manage your own health card, set up alerts and find important medical information
Patient Diary project arose with the incearese in use of mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones, in relation to health education. The application allows users to store medical records and other medical information, including next dose notifications, vaccination reminders or other events.
  • Comprehensive application with complex functionalities
  • Built upon an extensive database
  • Mobile phone and tablet version (customized for each device)
  • Gradual addition of new modules for managing different records (URO, cardio, EPI, glycols, BMI, menstruation calendar, multiple sclerosis, ...)
reference_ tracker

Easy Tracker

Simple to use but powerful movement tracker
We have set a goal to create a new sports tracker, beating all those that are on the market already. Simpler use, more features and nicer look. This apps is still in development but is coming soon!
  • Advanced movement tracking algorithm for increased accuracy
  • Elegant look in line with Android 4+ guidelines
  • Colour-coded speed representation in map
  • Online profile
reference_ helix


Android game based on the tower defense concept
This is our contribution to the entertainment area - game is always a great way to test your designer/developer skills. Become a battle helicopter pilot, defending your area against enemy waves.
  • Advanced 2D graphics
  • In-house texture, model and sprite generation
  • HD resolution
  • 7 missions
  • Free and paid version available
reference_ beat

Frekvence Radia Beat

Tool allowing to obtain frequency of the popular Radio Beat rock radio station depending on the user's location
The job of this apps is simple - when activated, it gives the frequency of Radio Beat at the given location. However, there is magic behind this simplicity.
  • Image data processing to generate SQL database for frequency querying
  • Supports both GPS and network location methods
  • Minimal footprint with online queries
  • Offline database download support
  • Android and iOS version