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6) System to Design Work-Clothing Color Combinations

Release date: 22-01-2009
Velikost: 132 KB application + approx. 200 KB every model
Current URL: www.markoodevy.cz

MARKO ODEVY is a leading Czech manufacturer of work-clothing. They have contacted us with an attractive requirement to create a system that would allow to dynamically design color combinations of the models produced. We have therefore developed an application that is pioneering to a significant extent to offer this function.

Users can choose a model in the application, selecting one of the materials offered and customizing colors of individual model components. Once the desired combination is achieved, the user enters several pieces of information and submits the request for the selected combination by clicking a button.

Key features:

The essential requirement was the possibility to freely customize colors of individual model components while presenting the model in a semi-photographic quality. Every model typically consists of three components, each of them with different customizable color.

The resulting number of color combinations (up to several hundreds) virtually eliminates the option of taking shots of all combinations. We have therefored developed a technology that allows to preserve the photographic quality while requiring only a single shot of the model to be taken.

The application is dynamic in order to easily add colors, materials, and new models. This ensures the ability to adjust the application to match the changing offering of the company.

Every color combination can be saved and reloaded later at any time for viewing or editing. The request sent always contains a link that loads the application with the color combination and model selected by the user. This feature is handy both for MARKO employees and clients.

In addition to the large model preview, users can see a choice of recommended relating models. A simple tick is enough to include a model to the request.