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2) Intro Animation for a Mobile Phone Network Operator

Client: MobilKom, a.s.
Release date: 21 October 2008
Size: 100 KB
Current URL: campaign no longer active, click here for demo

We were contacted by MobilKom, the fourth Czech provider of mobile telephony services operating the U:fon network. The task was to design and develop a presentation animation to be displayed prior to the homepage of the website at www.ufon.cz.

The objective of the animation was to introduce the mobile phone network operator and its key features to all customer visiting the website – to let people kow what U:fon actually is.

We managed to win the first position in the selection procedure and received the opportunity to implement our ideas. Our work resulted in a lively and impressive animated seqeunce, pointing out benefits of the U:fon network in about 30 minutes of colorful animation.

Key Features:

In addition to job details, the specification received contained a list of copies to be converted to an animation. Based on this specification our team created the entire animation with the exception of the mascot visuals.
We started with the creative part. The first element developed within the standard procedure was the script and ideas to present each copy.

Drawing of a storyboard followed, leading to creation of the visual form. We attempted to achieve a simple cartoon-like style, matching the overall visual expression of the U:fon brand. Simple curve graphics allow to minimize the resulting animation size.

The actual animation was driven by our effort to produce the minimum size and maximum speed, clarity and understandability possible. The key requirement was to transfer the message; however, the effects had to be impressive and represent the professionality of the client.

The animation is displayed to all visitors of the website, and therefore can be skipped anytime. Flash should never be an obstacle, only a complement.