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1) Renault – Twingo Night&Day

Client: H3M s.r.o.
Release date: 4-7-2008
Size: 1.2 MB
Current URL: (campaign ended, URL not available)

We have created Flash elements for the Renault Twingo Night&Day presentation of the French automobile producer, in cooperation with H3M s.r.o.

Key Features:

Since the presentation is quite demaning in terms of data volume, we have attampted to implement an attractrive preloader including the characteristic style of animation. This style is visible in the entire presentation as well as in the relating banner campaign.

To increase the attractivity the presentation contains 3D animations of a dalmatin and panda. The two charaters turn around watching the mouse pointer at the main page, which boost the level of user interaction. Additional animated content runs randomly in the background and when selecting car accessories.

With H3M we have developed a concept to control the website content from the Flash presentation and vice versa. The main Flash presentation interactively transfers data for furter use, such as in statistics.

Within this project we have also produced a banner campaign featuring a number of different formats. To achieve a consistent form, we have used the same animation style as in the main presentation.