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Flash Application Options

The Flash technology is becoming increasingly important as the web develops. Allowing to create more advanced and stunning websites and applications, Flash is a typical tool of "Web 2.0", the web full of attractive and function-rich graphics, video and sound, animations, higher level of user interaction, interconnection of various applications and services, tighter linkage between the Web and the real world and many more.

Several most typical application options:

  • advertisement (banners)
  • powerful web presentations with a large scale of effects (demo 1), (demo 2)
  • video on the web
  • interactive courses and guides (demo)
  • applications to create graphics and documents online (demo)
  • interactive maps
  • elements increasing the attractivity of classic websites

What We Can Do for You

  • Are you having your website developed somewhere else but looking for someone to create a Flash element for you?

We will discuss your requirements with you and then take over the entire communication with your supplier, handling all technical issues.

  • Do you want to be on the web? Would you like us to take care of everything?

Although we specialize on Flash, we have mastered other web technologies and provide comprehensive services. This means that it is no problem for us to evaluate your requirements and recommend the most suitable technological solution. Such solution may include a pure Flash application or even combinations of Flash elements and a classic website (based on technologies such as HTML, SQL, Java, PHP etc.). Of course, we can provide graphic design services, too. In simple words, we can do everything.

  • Are you a company developing web projects? Are you looking for sub-contractors?

We will be happy to agree on terms of cooperation with you.

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