Wondering who we are?
We are professional Flash artists and developers.
A summary of our background as well as our contact details are provided below.


We are a team of professionals designing and developing Flash solutions ranging from simple banners and animated sequences to advanced interactive applications.

All members of our team have extensive knowledge in the area of software analysis & design, programming and computer graphics, obtained through university studies as well as hand-on experience with different projects. Combined with artistic skills this expertise allows us to be build solutions featuring not only stuning visuals but also working in accordance with the best IT practices and proven principles.

This unique mixture of professional programming skills and artistic skills, balanced in every single member of our team, is what differentiates us from common media agencies. Each of us can participate in creative, design and programming work and is well familiar with all connections between these areas. This ensures consitency of ideas within the entire production process, speeding up the development and improving the resulting quality.

Our track record includes various types of projects from many branches (see our showroom).

Key Advantages

We can rely on the following advantages to make all your wishes come true:

  • High specialization:
    we focus primarily on Flash-based solutions
  • Each one of use is both a designer and a programmer:
    no more great graphic designs wrecked by programmers lacking aesthetic sense
  • Experience:
    we have worked on many "Web 2.0" projects

Contact Details

+420 724 086 882